I’ve just received the latest R.E.M. fanclub newsletter, and guess what – they’ve revealed the full tracklist for their upcoming fifteenth album Collapse Into Now, to be released in Spring 2011! Some song titles are really extravagant; can’t wait to hear what the actual songs sound like! Here’s the tracklist: 1. Discoverer 2. All The [...]

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26 July 2010

From Paris, With Love (UPDATED)

Hello everyone! I’ve just returned from a short holiday, and what a great piece of news to return home to! Namely, the uber-awesome Ken Stringfellow has updated his blog, and one could say that he and his buddy Mike Mills spent a very, ahem, constructive week in Paris together! I’m not gonna retell the story, [...]

13 July 2010

New R.E.M. Album In Spring 2011?

REMHQ reports that the band has practically finished recording their fifteenth studio album and will set about mixing it after the summer break. Of course the word “break” should not be understood literally, because Peter Buck is already busy promoting the new Tired Pony record The Place We Ran From, then a few weeks later [...]

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Ta-dah! Rolling Stone has just published a detailed review of the memorial concert in honour of Alex Chilton, staged two days ago in his hometown of Memphis. Some interesting (for us) bits: The Raconteurs’ Brendan Benson and R.E.M.’s Mike Mills joined the surviving members of power-pop pioneers Big Star to pay tribute to the late [...]

Looks like R.E.M. are REALLY busy in the recording studio, because they haven’t sent the promised report yet. But have no worries dear fans, because I have other Mike Mills goodies for you. First of all, it comes as no surprise that Mike, the self-confessed sports nut, attended this year’s Super Bowl; however I have [...]

18 March 2010

R.I.P. Alex Chilton – UPDATED

Sad, sad news this morning: Alex Chilton, singer and guitarist with influential bands the Box Tops and Big Star, died yesterday, aged only 59. Apparently he suffered a heart attack. So, after the tragic and premature death of Chris Bell, who died in 1978, the other half of Big Star’s main songwriting duo has also [...]