UPDATE 2: Looks like all members of R.E.M. (sans Bill Rieflin) are currently in Austin, TX for the SXSW festival – Michael Stipe is screening the 12 music videos/art films for Collapse Into Now, Peter Buck and Scott McCaughey are playing shows with The Baseball Project, and Mike Mills is not the one to miss [...]

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14 March 2011


Phew, what a weekend it was! While we were entertained by a certain Mr Michael Stipe in London, across the pond his R.E.M. bandmates rocked Georgia! Namely, The Baseball Project (Scott McCaughey, Peter Buck, Steve Wynn and Linda Pitmon) are currently touring the U.S. to promote their second album; over the weekend they played in [...]

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21 January 2011

Not To Tour, apparently – UPDATE No. 2!

UPDATE 2: In case you haven’t heard “Uberlin” yet, you can now watch a brand new lyrics video, courtesy of Huffington Post! And here’s what the producer Jacknife Lee had to say about “Uberlin”: “I love this song. There’s a melancholy in it that only R.E.M. (can) articulate. The demo of the song was very [...]

We have all been wondering whether R.E.M. will tour to promote their latest outing Collapse Into Now, due out in March 2011. So far, no signs of tour schedule; however, my friend Adrian has found this encouraging Peter Buck tidbit. Namely, TourDates reports the following: The album features guest appearances from electro pop singer Peaches, [...]

12 December 2010

Big Star Third: Mark’s Review and Photos!

Many thanks to my friend Mark Rockwell, the author of the fabulous Reveal Tribute, for sending his report and gorgeous photos from the second night of the Big Star shows in North Carolina! Yes, Mark was one of the lucky folks who attended the special performance of Big Star’s album Third/Sister Lovers in original orchestral [...]

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This one goes out to Charky, but also to all Mike Mills-cum-R.E.M. fans out there. As all of you who read this blog already know, Mike wrote the song “Gift Of The Fathers” in honour of the baseball legend Roberto Clemente and premiered live in December 2007 at the FMC Hope For Home fundraiser show. [...]

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15 October 2010

Panda & The Freak Collapse Into Now

Awesome news today folks – R.E.M.’s 15th album has finally been baptised. According to BBC via Twitter, the album is called Collapse Into Now. Cool title imo, very old-skool R.E.M. Let’s just hope the rest of the record is equally old-skool! According to several blogs, Collapse Into Now will be released sometime in Spring 2011, [...]

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21 August 2010


Here’s another review of the Baseball Project’s show at Maxwell’s, Hoboken; but more importantly, this blogger Michael Gordon talked to band members after the gig and took a photo with Mike Mills. Now, according to Mr Gordon, Scott McCaughey has said that there will be NO TOUR to support the new R.E.M. album, and the [...]

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18 August 2010

Dear New Orleans – UPDATED

As you may recall, in the past few years R.E.M.’s Mike Mills has gotten involved with several charities which aid New Orleans, the city that was devastated five years ago by Hurricane Katrina and more recently by the Gulf oil spill. So it comes as no surprise that Mike has donated tracks for a new [...]

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16 August 2010

The Baseball Project Rock Maxwell’s!

Hiya, I’m back on duty after a brief hiatus filled with moving house, completing my PhD thesis and whatnot. Anyway, here’s a brief recap of all the exciting events of the past few days; more updates to follow. First of all, The Baseball Project (i.e. Scott McCaughey, Steve Wynn, Linda Pitmon and Mike Mills in [...]

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