14 January 2011

Mine Smell Like Honey

It happened today, hooray hooray… Warner Bros. have streamed the first official single from R.E.M.’s upcoming fifteenth album Collapse Into Now. The song’s called “Mine Smell Like Honey”, and I hope I won’t sound too grouchy if I say that the title is the most interesting thing about this song… Honestly, it is a bit [...]

UPDATE: Here’s another song from R.E.M.’s upcoming album Collapse Into Now. This track, “Oh My Heart”, is another R.E.M. song in 6/8, so it follows in the footsteps of songs like “Everybody Hurts”, “Try Not To Breathe”, “Strange Currencies”, “Daysleeper”, or the more recent “Houston”. Please continue to discuss the album in the comments below. [...]

20 December 2010

It Happened Today! – UPDATE #2

I’m sure you have all already downloaded “Discoverer” from R.E.M.’s upcoming album Collapse Into Now via their official website. And today, several blogs are previewing another song, “It Happened Today”: this song, which is expected to be the first single, features Pearl Jam’s frontman Eddie Vedder. However, it’s not a duet between Michael Stipe and [...]

I’ve just received the latest R.E.M. fanclub newsletter, and guess what – they’ve revealed the full tracklist for their upcoming fifteenth album Collapse Into Now, to be released in Spring 2011! Some song titles are really extravagant; can’t wait to hear what the actual songs sound like! Here’s the tracklist: 1. Discoverer 2. All The [...]

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