UPDATE: As promised, I have scanned and uploaded scans from the latest issue of UNCUT magazine. View them below (the first six images): for best quality, right-click on a thumbnail and open in a new tab or window. * * * * * * * * * * Several new interviews with Mike Mills have [...]

16 February 2011

Mike Mills Talks! – UPDATE No 2

UPDATE: As our friend Auctioneer has noticed, my piano version of “Discoverer” is now featured on REMHQ.com!!! This is the second time I’ve been honoured like this, and I’m immensely grateful to the band and everyone at the headquarters, especially Mr David Bell! R.E.M. have been my musical heroes since I was 13, and this [...]

12 December 2010

Big Star Third: Mark’s Review and Photos!

Many thanks to my friend Mark Rockwell, the author of the fabulous Reveal Tribute, for sending his report and gorgeous photos from the second night of the Big Star shows in North Carolina! Yes, Mark was one of the lucky folks who attended the special performance of Big Star’s album Third/Sister Lovers in original orchestral [...]

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06 November 2010

Sister Lovers

A few weeks ago we informed you that Mike Mills would be performing Big Star’s wicked third album Sister Lovers, together with a host of friends, fellow Big Star addicts – among them R.E.M.’s legendary producer Mitch Easter, another North Carolina luminary Chris Stamey, and many others. Thanks to Mark for unearthing more info about [...]

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09 October 2010

Future Of Music, Sister Lovers, And More

As y’all know, R.E.M.’s Mike Mills and Bertis Downs have been involved with the Future of Music Coalition for several years now, and a few days ago they attended the FMC’s Tenth Annual Policy Summit in Washington DC. Bertis Downs has published his own report, and two additional reports can be found here (Washington City [...]

Looks like R.E.M. are REALLY busy in the recording studio, because they haven’t sent the promised report yet. But have no worries dear fans, because I have other Mike Mills goodies for you. First of all, it comes as no surprise that Mike, the self-confessed sports nut, attended this year’s Super Bowl; however I have [...]