We have all been wondering whether R.E.M. will tour to promote their latest outing Collapse Into Now, due out in March 2011. So far, no signs of tour schedule; however, my friend Adrian has found this encouraging Peter Buck tidbit. Namely, TourDates reports the following: The album features guest appearances from electro pop singer Peaches, [...]

11 December 2010

Christmas Gripping

Phew, I’m gone for a few days (went to London to discuss some job prospects), and upon return there’s a huge load of R.E.M. and Mike Mills news waiting to be posted! Oh well I ain’t complainin’. First of all, R.E.M. have released their latest Christmas fanclub single. As usual, Michael Stipe is not involved, [...]

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Question: What happens when you put two chirpy, chatty Sagittarians on a cruise ship and confront them with a bunch of journalists? Answer: Mayhem?! Well, almost! As y’all know, back in the 1980s, the camera-shy Michael Stipe and Bill Berry avoided the journalists whenever they could, and as a result, Peter Buck and Mike Mills [...]

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25 June 2010

Mike Mills, With Or Without R.E.M.

As y’all already know, in the MMT universe, no news = more site updates. Thus, many thanks to the awesomely efficient Karin, who has retyped two more 1987 interviews for our Press Archive: the first interview features Mike Mills solo, and for the second, Mike is joined by Peter Buck and Bill Berry (plus a [...]

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19 June 2010

Get Up And Be Mine!

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to Ivana’s Piano Extravaganza! But before that, for your reading pleasure, I have scanned and uploaded more interviews from the Rolling Stone R.E.M. Files book. There are four articles from 1988, 1988 again, 1989 and 1994 awaiting you here: start from thumbnail No 19 and read away! Also, [...]

15 June 2010

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Apologies for the lack of updates in the last few days; it’s been a busy week. Anyway, I’ve just updated the Quotes and Quotes About Mike pages, and uploaded the first batch of scans from the R.E.M. Rolling Stone Files book, i.e. a compendium of interviews, articles and reviews published by the Rolling Stone and [...]

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Finally some news – and great news indeed! R.E.M.HQ reports that on Monday 7 June the band received the prestigious Phinizy Spalding Preservation award for their numerous contributions to historic preservation and preservation advocacy in Athens. Mike Mills and Bill Berry (yay!) accepted the award at the Athens-Clarke Heritage Foundation’s annual awards ceremony held at [...]

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31 May 2010

R.E.M. SPIN Me Around

As promised, I have found some time to update our gallery of scans. I take pride in being systematic, so I decided to finish with the various issues of SPIN before I move on to other magazines. I have uploaded features from the following issues: February 1989, December 1991, August 1993 (where the members of [...]

More videos from the Alex Chilton Memorial concert held on 15 May in his hometown of Memphis, TN have surfaced online. In the first clip you can see Mike Mills join his Big Star buddies Ken Stringfellow, Jon Auer and Jody Stephens, plus Brendan Benson, for a singalong of “September Gurls”; and even better, in [...]

17 April 2010

R.E.M. 1988 WEA Presentation

Guess what R.E.M. and Mike Mills fans, the band has just announced that sometime later tonight they will be posting a report from a recording studio in New Orleans, where they’re currently working on their 15th album. Meanwhile, the band has also shared information that the local organisation that they have supported for many years, [...]