A few days ago the members of R.E.M. took a break from recording their 15th album to perform with their friend and muse Patti Smith in Berlin. Many thanks to the lovely Karin who has sent a detailed report from the gig. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Patti Smith – [...]

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07 July 2010

Berlin Update… And More

It’s good to know that R.E.M. are not only working hard in Berlin, trying to finish their eagerly awaited 15th album, but also having fun and supporting their friends who happen to play gigs in the city. Last week Peter Buck and Scott McCaughey performed with Pearl Jam at Wuldeheide Park, and on Monday, the [...]

Many thanks to Charky for letting us know that Howard Libov’s award-winning independent feature film Favorite Son is now available for preorder on Amazon! As we have informed you previously, Mike Mills contributed his beautiful song “Gift of the Fathers” to the soundtrack. A live recording of this song (performed by The Baseball Project) can [...]

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27 February 2010

Mike Mills: 2009 Recap – Part 2

Today we resume our list of all the various projects and activities that Mike Mills was keeping himself busy with in 2009. Part 1 (January-May) can be found here, and this is part 2: 23 June – Atlanta’s Dave FM celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the release of Reckoning with a special radio/internet program called [...]

21 February 2010

Mike Mills: 2009 Recap – Part 1

In 2009 the members of R.E.M. were officially “taking a break” from recording and touring – which did not stop them from actually getting involved with dozens of projects, travelling the world, performing with everyone and anyone, and of course having a jolly good time! So I thought it would be nice to list here [...]