Interviews – Video: Years 1990-1999

R.E.M. – Interviews From 1991 (Japanese TV)

This mixture of interviews, studio footage and excerpts from promo videos was shown on Japanese TV during the Out Of Time frenzy. Good news: only the announcements and questions are in Japanese, while the bandmembers’ replies are in English (with subtitles).

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Mike Mills – Live with Regis and Kathy Lee, 24 February 1992

Here’s a classic: Mike Mills’s solo appearance on Live with Regis and Kathy Lee, a day before the 1992 Grammys. The interview is very funny, and Mike delivers an acoustic version of his beautiful song “(Don’t Go Back To) Rockville”. Good ol’ Mike can’t remember the year they formed the band (it was 1980, not 1981!), and he also messes up the lyrics in the second verse – or perhaps it was an act of deliberate self-censorship because, you see, his mother was at the studio, so maybe Mikey didn’t want his Momma to hear him sing “At night I drink myself to sleep!” big grin

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Michael Stipe and Mike Mills – Interview on Dutch TV, Autumn 1994

This is a pretty rare clip: it was filmed while R.E.M. were promoting their ninth album Monster. Michael and Mike talk about the trauma that was Kurt Cobain’s suicide, and the song “Let Me In” that they wrote in his honour.

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R.E.M. – Interview and “Wake Up Bomb”, MTV Music Awards, Radio City Music Hall, NYC, 4 September 1996

Filmed before and during the MTV Music Awards Ceremony; that year R.E.M. were nominated in the Best Art Direction category for their video for “Tongue” (but they lost to Smashing Pumpkins). The interview is quite bizarre: Michael Stipe correctly predicted that they weren’t gonna win, and took the opportunity to show off his scar from the hernia surgery! Luckily, Mike Mills wasn’t so keen to show off his scars from the abdominal surgeries he underwent in 1994 and 1995 — I’m not sure I’d like to see those.

*Ivana iz NOT a fan of surgeries*

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R.E.M. – Interview on The Tonight with Jay Leno, NBC Studios, Burbank, CA, 10 December 1998

This is short and sweet, the band exchange a few words with Jay before performing “Daysleeper” from their fresh off the press album Up.

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