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Cutting Edge & Pageantry

The two interviews below are transcripts of video interviews, filmed in June 1984 and September 1986 respectively. The first one was a part of I.R.S.’s documentary series Cutting Edge, which was broadcast on MTV, while the second was taped while Peter Buck and Mike Mills were promoting R.E.M.’s fourth album Lifes Rich Pageant. Both interviews were released on DVD in 2006 as a part of the amazing video collection R.E.M. – When the Light is Mine… The Best of the I.R.S. Years 1982-1987.

Back in those days, Peter and Mike were mostly in charge of doing all the talking, and the interviews released on this compilation are very amusing indeed. Peter just can’t stop talking, but Mike is no slouch either. What fascinates most is their genuine camaraderie: they finish each other’s sentences like an old married couple, and their banter is priceless!

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