Dossier Mills

Introduction Of Sorts

Any music journalist who has ever had the pleasure of interviewing Mike Mills will probably say that he is a dream interviewee. Forthright, eloquent, and yet pleasant, down-to-Earth and unbedazzled by his superstar status, Mike is a complete antithesis to your typical egomaniacal, self-righteous rock’n'roll brat. As the interviews compiled here demonstrate, he is aware of R.E.M.’s importance and legacy, but he’s still eager to create music that will make people happy. He doesn’t avoid difficult questions, but he is careful not to offend. He is bold enough to voice his opinions on the state of affairs in the U.S. and elsewhere, but keen to emphasise that it’s just his opinion and that others may and will disagree. Above all, his interviews make it clear that he entered the music industry not because he was after fame and fortune, but simply because he lived and breathed music. They also make it obvious that, 30 years after the band had started, his passion for songwriting and performing is as strong as it has been from the day one.

I have assembled here a selection of the interviews that Mike Mills (alone or joined by his bandmates) has given over the years. Some of the interviews are very funny, others more introspective, but either way they’re never boring. Mike discusses the most diverse topics, from politics via baseball to lazy journalism and back to politics, with everything and anything in between! I have also included here some of Mike’s own writings, as well as other people’s reflections and recollections on the man and his music. last but not least, you will find here some of the documentaries which have captured the band at various stages of their career, or reflected upon the entire scene that R.E.M. was a part of.

The interviews and other features are sorted chronologically, from the earliest musings on life and how to live it, to the most recent revelations. Wherever possible, I have linked and credited the original source.

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  1. joop Says:

    Hi there. Thanks for your work capturing all this. Do you know if there is any news about Mike Mills going solo at all? Working on a record? His melodies are some of the best ever written. As an REM fan since the 80s I was bummed to see them head in separate directions obviously. Mike Mills and REM have given us so much though – So I wish them all the best and more. I am very curious of what he is planning next. He is so talented. Again – Thanks for pulling this site together! Joop

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