17 December 2011

Happy birthday Mike!

… and don’t keep us waiting for that solo record for too long! Cheers!

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UPDATE: I’ve scanned the review of Collapse Into Now from the latest issue of UNCUT (April 2011) – three out of five stars, ain’t that bad. For the best viewing quality, right-click on the thumbnail and open in a new tab/window. Also, here’s a great track-by-track review of CIN by Music Radar. ~ ~ ~ [...]

13 February 2011

Pretty Persuasive Discoverer

Hello friends! It’s been a while since I last filmed some R.E.M. piano covers, so I thought it would be cool to pair up a really old song with a brand new one. Shall we start with the new one first? Okay! To celebrate the fact that Collapse Into Now hits the racks in less [...]

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Exactly a year ago Elena and I launched this website, a tribute to R.E.M.’s “secret weapon”, the phenomenal multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter Michael Edward Mills! Our idea was to showcase the many sides of his talent, and to celebrate his (and his band’s) legacy. Hope we’ve fulfilled this goal, and we’re really glad that this [...]

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We have all been wondering whether R.E.M. will tour to promote their latest outing Collapse Into Now, due out in March 2011. So far, no signs of tour schedule; however, my friend Adrian has found this encouraging Peter Buck tidbit. Namely, TourDates reports the following: The album features guest appearances from electro pop singer Peaches, [...]

Hello friends – long time no see! Alas, even the most ardent bloggers sometimes have to take a break, in order to deal with real-life challenges and commitments. Anyway I’m back, and I’ve just updated the Interviews – Audio page with some old/new interviews. Happy download! As for recent news, I expect y’all know that [...]

It’s the end of another warm sunny lazy indulgent day here, but instead of “wasting time, sitting still” I’ve been updating this website. To be precise, I have just retyped and added two new/old articles to our ever-expanding Press Archive. The first up is a very funny and informative 1984 biography-cum-interviews feature from Bucketful of [...]

07 July 2010

Berlin Update… And More

It’s good to know that R.E.M. are not only working hard in Berlin, trying to finish their eagerly awaited 15th album, but also having fun and supporting their friends who happen to play gigs in the city. Last week Peter Buck and Scott McCaughey performed with Pearl Jam at Wuldeheide Park, and on Monday, the [...]

Question: What happens when you put two chirpy, chatty Sagittarians on a cruise ship and confront them with a bunch of journalists? Answer: Mayhem?! Well, almost! As y’all know, back in the 1980s, the camera-shy Michael Stipe and Bill Berry avoided the journalists whenever they could, and as a result, Peter Buck and Mike Mills [...]

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25 June 2010

Mike Mills, With Or Without R.E.M.

As y’all already know, in the MMT universe, no news = more site updates. Thus, many thanks to the awesomely efficient Karin, who has retyped two more 1987 interviews for our Press Archive: the first interview features Mike Mills solo, and for the second, Mike is joined by Peter Buck and Bill Berry (plus a [...]

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