Here’s the first report from last night’s Big Star Third/Sister Lovers tribute show. As you all know, Mike Mills was part of the house band on the night, and even better, he recruited his R.E.M. bandmate Michael Stipe to join the tribute. Please post other reports that you stumble upon in the comments below, and I’ll upload and tidy up everything tomorrow. Thanks a million!

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20 Responses to “First Report from NYC Big Star Third Tribute Show!”

  1. Kirsten Says: has published another review:


    “For me, personally, I had half of the dBs and half of R.E.M. and Mitch Easter and then they played “Alex Chilton” – which, you might think is totally hokey and totally obvious and it was all of those things but it was also MIKE MILLS PLAYING BASS ON “ALEX CHILTON” which is the kind of thing that would have spawned long-distance phone calls from payphones back in the day. And Stamey took the solo, impeccably, and Mike rocked out and Jody Stephens himself played drums.”

    happy happy happy
    –> Notice the caps big grin rock on

  2. Kirsten Says:

    P.S.: I take that quote above as a compliment to Mike, in case you wondered big grin

  3. Kirsten Says:

    Sorry for the spam, I find new stuff only gradually big grin

    Mike singing “September Gurls” drooling :

    Mike playing bass on above mentioned song “Alex Chilton” (a shame you can hardly spot him):

    Youtube user MarctheSeligman has uploaded 5 vids in total from the concert, pick the one(s) you like to see here:

  4. Linda Says:

    Some videos are now available on youtube…..Not the best quality, but there to see and hearwinking

  5. Kirsten Says:

    Linda, I posted a third comment yesterday night with some Youtube links of the concert, including Mike singing “September Gurls”, but unfortunately the spam control didn’t let it through winking

  6. Linda Says:

    I did see that one Kirsten….great job. I was hoping there would be one for “Jesus Christ”, but haven’t seen one yet. There was also a very distantly shot video of Stipey singing

  7. Kirsten Says:

    Another review, from The New York Times:

  8. Auctioneer Says:

    What a great night that must’ve been. Not bad for no tour, eh? tongue

    Yours truly,

  9. Kirsten Says:

    Yup Auctioneer, this must have been a kick-ass show, maybe we’ll be able to snatch a bootleg somewhere? big grin
    Would be great! rock on

    This is a preview of the show including a Mike interview (among his co-stars), dunno if this has been posted anywhere here before (if so, sorry winking ):

    And a review by Rolling Stone:

  10. Kirsten Says:

    Aaaaand Conni Freestone has posted her pics from the event on Flickr!!

    WOOOOW, she leaves me breathless… Absolutely awesome photos!!! surprise drooling

  11. Dol Says:

    Great photos as always Conni! Especially one love struck

    Changing the subject (but not the man), here’s where Mike will be the 26th of April.

  12. Auctioneer Says:

    Excellent photos on Conni’s Flickr site! The last two photos are the bomb. tongue Wherever the band goes, the R.E.M. box will never be far behind…

  13. Kirsten Says:

    Dol, I think I know which photo you mean big grin
    Could it be this one:
    I posted this on my wall on Facebook cause it’s just too great not to post it big grin

    Some more reviews:

    And an interesting tour diary from Brett Harris, inculding backstage photos of Mike and Michael:

  14. Ivana Says:

    Hi y’all! Thanx for taking care of MMT in my absence! Look who I’ve been hanging out with in London: happy

    Ken and Barbie (oops I mean Ivana)

  15. Ivana Says:

    Oooh and sweet lord Jesus, Mike looks HAWT in all those NYC pics! drooling LOVE his new hair!

  16. Dol Says:

    @Kirsten: That’s the one, girl! winking One of the best photo coming around lately…

    @Ivana: KENNNNN!!!!! Tell us something about the concert! It was rock as always? He spit as usual as he do during The Discipline’s gig? laughing
    Great pic for you both.

  17. Ivana Says:

    Ken was amazing, so was the rest of the band; surely one of the most energetic performances I’ve seen in a while! Of course Ken DID spit on the floor lol, and he jumped into the audience, and climbed on the loudspeakers, and rolled on the floor, etc! That man is in an amazing shape – I’d probably drop dead after 30 seconds of his stage antics! And I’m so glad that the crowd was really responsive, unlike the recent Posies’ London gig, where he Ken had to literally BEG some members of the audience to take off their coats! :? Why some people leave their house at all is beyond my comprehension.

  18. Dol Says:

    I know what you mean. In september, when the disciplines comes in my hometown, the audience (maybe 20/25 people) was apathetic and was not involved. But Ken, along with the other guys, pulled out his energy and did a great show. That’s why I love Ken. One person or 20.000, he give away all what he can.

  19. Auctioneer Says:

    Woah – that picture was NOT what I expected when I scrolled down! Kudos, Ivana, for meeting the epic frontman. big grin The gig sounded… dangerous. tongue

    On another note, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture of Ken on stage without having wet hair from sweating so much. I’ve never seen him live, but judging by all the images of him, he seems totally wild! Though perhaps this band takes the award for “most likely to injure audience”:

    For the record, I don’t like this sort of music, but it is quite funny. happy

  20. Kirsten Says:

    Just one great pic. Cute how you’re snuggling up to him batting eyelashes
    Lucky dawg, you! big grin

    I love Ken’s intense performances, that’s how a musician’s gotta be: LIVING it, devoting his body and soul to music rock on

    How can one still be shy and apathetic in the audience when they have KEN performing in front of them?!?

    That vid, HOLY. SHIT. How’d you find THAT one? big grin

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