R.E.M.’s fifteenth studio album Collapse Into Now will be released in five weeks, and apparently with this record Mike Mills is in charge of handling a majority of promotional chores. A few days ago he was in New York having fun with a full day of telephone interviews with journalists and presenters from all over the world. One of the folks who interviewed Mike was Ben Jones of the Absolute Radio, and he has just uploaded a podcast. About 50% of the interview is the same old same old, however, Mike does offer lots of insider information on the band’s songs both old and new, and best of all, he does not exclude the possibility that they might visit the U.K. for some promotional duties! According to Mike, they haven’t finalised anything with Warner Bros just yet, but there’s still hope!

I don’t know for how long the podcast will be available on the Absolute Radio’s website, so I’ve stashed it here. Left-click to listen, right-click to download, and enjoy!

Mike_Mills_Absolute_Radio_2011.mp3 [4.73 MB]

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UPDATE: And here’s the live performance of “Discoverer”, obviously taped in the very same Hansa studio where they recorded the album, and made the artsy-fartsy video for “Mine Smell Like Honey”. Now, THIS is my cup of tea, totally!

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  1. Linda Says:


  2. Kirsten Says:

    Ooooh, a new Mike interview, and it’s 10 minutes long!! day dreaming

    As for Mike talking a little about Berlin:
    I really don’t know what they all like about this city… Been there once a couple of years ago, gotta say my impression wasn’t a good one, found it to be an ugly town, uninteresting, boring.
    Now not only Michael enthuses over it, but also Mike speaks very highly of the city in the podcast. Surprising to hear that.
    Maybe I should give it another shot and visit Berlin a second time? I would really like to know what there is about it.

    As for touring:
    I agree with what a Murmurs.com member said in a thread there, maybe they want to put minimum effort in everything concerning CIN because their contract has expired anyway. Maybe they want to put their focus on future projects under another – or even their very own – label. This notion gives reason for hope.

    About the Discoverer live version:
    Well, what did I comment on the Oh My Heart live version? “MOARRRR please!!!“ – And I got MOARRRR! Hell yeah big grin

  3. Ivana Says:

    love struck

  4. Auctioneer Says:

    I went to Berlin once on a music trip two years ago, and absolutely loved it. In fact, I’ve been trying to persuade my parents to take me there ever since! I would really consider giving it another go, Kirsten – it’s worth it. True, the East side has a lot of ugly 70s buildings, but the West still has lots of nice architecture. The Reichstag building has been partially rebuilt, but still has Russian graffiti on its walls! happy

    I guess R.E.M. won’t be releasing the rest of the ‘live in studio’ videos until March. Not unless they decide to just feed the album to us very slowly… but then, why would any of us need to buy it, if we had all the songs come the release date? I don’t think I want to hear any more new songs until then – I’m going to wait, and have a surprise on the 7th. big grin

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