02 February 2011

California Dreaming

Here’s the official video for “Mine Smell Like Honey”, courtesy of R.E.M.’s Youtube channel. Here’s what Michael Stipe has written on the band’s official website:

everyone will have seen, or will soon see our first film for COLLAPSE INTO NOW, directed by DOMINIC DEJOSEPH, for the song MINE SMELL LIKE HONEY. it was shot last summer in Berlin at Hansa Studio, in the stairwell that connects the recording studio to the big room several flights down. it was boiling hot and dusty as hell, and we had a great time doing it. thanks to everyone and especially to Dominic!

In other news, I’m reposting this thread from Murmurs, because there’s been some inconsistency in available information, and the band has not confirmed anything yet. Namely, as you will see, apparently R.E.M. are scheduled to perform live at the Sunset Sessions in Carlsbad, California. This looks like a media event, and lots of other artists will be taking part. However, the actual schedule of events suggests that there will be no live performance by R.E.M. but just a “R.E.M. Wine and Cheese Listening party at Costa Del Sol Ballroom Courtyard”, hosted by our own Mike Mills. How very posh! Anyway, we’ll keep you updated, and those among you who are lucky enough to live in California and/or work in the media, might even get a chance to attend this party! Another listening party will take place in Athens, however the band is not expected to attend. Huh, is it just me, or this entire warm up for the release of Collapse Into Now is a bit lacklustre? confused

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4 Responses to “California Dreaming”

  1. Ophelia Says:

    I find this one endearing. It’s not…. life-changing… but it is enjoyable. I love the BGVs, too. However, the line “mine smell like honey” just plain sounds gross.

    The video is so cool! I love how they’ve done it.

  2. Dol Says:

    They…. he. tongue

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  4. Kirsten Says:

    Oh, the official Mine Smell Like Honey video is available on Youtube… yeah… well… not for Germans.

    >clickety click “This video contains content from WMG. It is not available in your country.” frustrated

    Well, it’s a funny video, but I think it’s a little too experimental, yet also too simple in terms of setting and what’s happening in the video. And I don’t think it does the song enough justice, speaking in the matter of visually supporting the song.
    There are completely different things and pictures I imagine when I listen to the song, at least in my opinion they could’ve made much more of the video.
    I’m probably gonna stick to the lyrics video, where I can let my imagination work, a bit like while reading a book.

    As for the song itself, I came to like the song even more and more, and now I can say I love it! I like the fact that it is a cheerful song, because of its rather fast tempo it kinda “pushes foward”, and the chorus reminds me a little of Bad Day, which is one of my absolute favorite songs. So it can’t be bad at all big grin

    And I agree with you Ivana – For the fact that the release of a new album from one of the most important bands in the world is imminent, the coverage and publicity so far is rather scarce and, yes, lacklustre… That only further strengthens my strange feelings about the album…

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