27 February 2011

Professor Mike – UPDATE 2

Hello friends! The wacky title will start to make sense as soon as you have read the new interview with Mike Mills (and Michael Stipe), published in the latest issue of Italian Rolling Stone. Our friend Dol has translated the introduction and Mike’s Q&A, while the Stipe portion of the interview was quite dull, practically [...]

Look at me eating my own words – a few weeks ago I was quite convinced that “Mine Smell Like Honey” was not a very good song. However, R.E.M. have just released the live video – another one from the batch of videos filmed at the Hansa Studio in Berlin last summer – and it [...]

In just a few days we’ll be able to finally hear R.E.M.’s fifteenth album Collapse Into Now in its entirety! The release dates are different – some countries will be getting the album on the 4th March, some a few days later; and those who have a premium subscription for Spotify will be able to [...]

UPDATE: I’ve scanned the review of Collapse Into Now from the latest issue of UNCUT (April 2011) – three out of five stars, ain’t that bad. For the best viewing quality, right-click on the thumbnail and open in a new tab/window. Also, here’s a great track-by-track review of CIN by Music Radar. ~ ~ ~ [...]

16 February 2011

Mike Mills Talks! – UPDATE No 2

UPDATE: As our friend Auctioneer has noticed, my piano version of “Discoverer” is now featured on REMHQ.com!!! This is the second time I’ve been honoured like this, and I’m immensely grateful to the band and everyone at the headquarters, especially Mr David Bell! R.E.M. have been my musical heroes since I was 13, and this [...]

13 February 2011

Pretty Persuasive Discoverer

Hello friends! It’s been a while since I last filmed some R.E.M. piano covers, so I thought it would be cool to pair up a really old song with a brand new one. Shall we start with the new one first? Okay! To celebrate the fact that Collapse Into Now hits the racks in less [...]

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While Michael Stipe is skipping his promotional duties again, Peter Buck and Mike Mills are soldiering on, talking to music press and trying to create positive buzz before the release of R.E.M.’s fifteenth full lenght album Collapse Into Now. Rolling Stone‘s resident R.E.M. fanboy David Fricke has just published excerpts from his conversations with Peter [...]

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R.E.M.’s fifteenth studio album Collapse Into Now will be released in five weeks, and apparently with this record Mike Mills is in charge of handling a majority of promotional chores. A few days ago he was in New York having fun with a full day of telephone interviews with journalists and presenters from all over [...]

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02 February 2011

California Dreaming

Here’s the official video for “Mine Smell Like Honey”, courtesy of R.E.M.’s Youtube channel. Here’s what Michael Stipe has written on the band’s official website: everyone will have seen, or will soon see our first film for COLLAPSE INTO NOW, directed by DOMINIC DEJOSEPH, for the song MINE SMELL LIKE HONEY. it was shot last [...]