Many thanks to Dol for letting us know about this new Mike Mills interview! He spoke with Rick McLaughlin with I Heart Radio, and described the process of recording R.E.M.’s fifteenth album Collapse Into Now. He also discussed the band’s plans for the future – looks like at the moment they haven’t got any, except wait and see how the new record is received, and whether there’s a point in continuing as a band. Anyway, I’ve added the interview to our Press Archive — voilà.

Also, I’ll be doing some cleaning up on the site today, removing expired links, updating some pages etc. I’ve been greatly assisted by my new secret weapon Kirsten – thanks girl! While cleaning up, some pages might temporarily look a bit wonky, but I’ll try to tidy up everything as soon as possible. happy

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UPDATE: Phew, Press Archive finally done. I’ve added several interviews, both old and new – most notably, this long 2008 interview with Chris Castaneda of Chicago Innerview. It is kinda bittersweet to read how excited they all were at the prospect of touring just three years ago… Oh well, times change and people change with them. puppy dog eyes

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6 Responses to “Not To Tour… yet: New Mike Mills interview!”

  1. Kirsten Says:

    Thanks Dol, thanks Ivana!!
    And again, thanks for the kind words… please don’t exaggerate big grin I hope I can squeeze some “Mike stuff research time” in between my exams – it’s like the crunch time right now, they keep me awfully busy winking

    Ouch, maybe I shouldn’t have read this interview as a start into the day… this is really depressing. Mike sounds like someone facing the end of his career and is reflecting on it, or is it just me? Or is the bad weather affecting my perception?!

    Concerning a tour, they’re “not feeling it right now” (honestly, I would have never thought hearing that from Mike now), and on top of that they don’t know whether to carry on after Collapse Into Now…??
    All this makes me have a very uneasy feeling about CIN and everything around it, this apocalyptic mood creeping in because you have that bad hunch about what might be coming after that, I don’t know how to describe it.

    I sincerely hope that “It is the end of our contract with Warner Brothers” isn’t synonymous with “It’s the end of the world as we know it”, a.k.a. R.E.M. quitting. They still have (and they said that many times) so many great songs that have not been published, and they would always get a new record deal somewhere else! They still have so much passion, so much love for their music (and for each other) that they would be crazy if they decided to stop. I can’t bear the feeling that CIN could be their last album, and that we’d never have the chance to get another album from the best band in the world.

    On top of it all, I’m really really really worried and sad that I might not ever get the chance to see these music legends in concert, and I don’t think I could live with that… ;_;

    OK, enough whining now or I’ll be getting all of you depressed as well… winking

  2. Auctioneer Says:

    I’d hate to miss the chance to see R.E.M. live, but it seems it really does depend on how this album is received – let’s hope the band pay more attention to the fans than the critics on this one, as Robert Christgau seems to have a thing for giving bad reviews to recent R.E.M. albums. I mean, he gave Automatic for the People three stars! I think that says enough. happy

    I agree with Kirsten… Collapse Into Now has a very ominous feel to it. Just listening to Uberlin now makes me nervous!

    Yours truly,

  3. Ivana Says:

    I’m not panicking just yet because, even though they won’t tour, the band is likely to stage at least some small promo gigs, or TV appearances and such. I’ll take anything.

    As for the band’s future, as Mike has said, the industry has changed, the future of major labels is dubious. I’d say that if they want to continue as a band, they should start their own label. In any case, I don’t see them giving up on music entirely. Even if they dismantle the band, I’m sure they’ll continue to make music, one way or another.

  4. Sergio Says:

    I’m not so sure there will be some small promo gigs …

  5. Ivana Says:

    I’m not sure either Sergio, I’m just being optimistic. praying

  6. Ivana Says:

    Oh, and as for R.E.M. starting their own label, I’m just guessing, because that’s what their friends Wilco are doing at the moment:

    I’ve just read that Ethan Kaplan (the founder of Murmurs) is leaving Warner Bros. This also suggests that the band won’t stay with them. Big labels are doomed, unless they introduce drastic changes to the way they work.

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