21 January 2011

Not To Tour, apparently – UPDATE No. 2!

UPDATE 2: In case you haven’t heard “Uberlin” yet, you can now watch a brand new lyrics video, courtesy of Huffington Post! And here’s what the producer Jacknife Lee had to say about “Uberlin”:

“I love this song. There’s a melancholy in it that only R.E.M. (can) articulate. The demo of the song was very simple and beautiful, and we decided to keep it that way. We tracked this in New Orleans. The vocals and some percussion we did in Nashville. Michael had a lyrical idea that was so complex that I didn’t understand what he was getting at even after he explained it to me. He has pages and pages of lyrics and ideas with backstories for characters that don’t figure in the song. Everything has to make sense to him. Nothing is (a) throwaway or flippant. This song took some beating into shape. The bridge had a vocal at one stage, but the music conveyed what he was saying anyway, so we deleted it. I bought some little analog synths (Microtrons) for my kids and these were amusing us all. The middle section of the song needed to feel less grounded, so I had Peter, Michael, and Mike do the middle section with the synths. It was really good fun.”

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UPDATE: The kind souls at REM.it have already snatched R.E.M.’s newest song “Uberlin”! This song will be the first single in Europe – YAY!! It’s much better than “Mine Smell Like Honey” in my not-so-humble opinion! Go here and listen to it before the link disappears!

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As reported by Athens Georgia Music&Arts via Jordan a.k.a. Athens Music Junkie, the latest buzz is that R.E.M. will not tour to promote their fifteenth album Collapse Into Now. Obviously Peter’s (un)pretty persuasion didn’t work. sad Shame really, but let’s not get suicidal just yet, because they might still decide to play a few smaller shows here and there. If you haven’t joined the band’s fanclub yet, I urge you to do so immediately, because if they DO decide to play some gigs, fanclub members will be the first ones to know!

Also, let’s not forget that Peter Buck and Scott McCaughey (and possibly Mike Mills on certain occasions) will tour with The Baseball Project this year, so don’t miss a chance to see this baseball-mad supergroup.

Stay tuned, and we’ll keep you updated.

*off to write a suicide note, just in case*

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32 Responses to “Not To Tour, apparently – UPDATE No. 2!”

  1. Linda Says:

    I am sooooooo hopeful that there will at least be small shows. Sure hope that Athens Music Junkie is wrong sad

  2. Linda Says:

    Oh dear…just read the article and it sounds as if Bertis gave the word. I am really disappointed.

  3. Ivana Says:

    Well if Bertis the Manager has said that there’ll be no tour, then we gotta believe him. The band might reconsider later though, depending on how well the album’s received.

  4. Dol Says:

    Sad, but true. sad
    I will follow The Baseball Project’ tour (which surely will touch Europe) and spare the money to follow R.E.M. as they deserve when it comes out the next album. Maybe there is a new album next year and CiN is just a B-Side album tongue

  5. Linda Says:

    I am wondering if they have a new album up their sleeves, given what Peter sad about it being a return to form. Also, as this is the last album under contract to Warner Brothers, maybe they have something even more delicious ready to record as an incentive for a new contract, then tour the two…….she says hopefully!!!!laughingWhat do all of you think?

  6. arek Says:

    I think they have absolutelly nothing up their sleeves, cause they always offer us not more than 100 minutes music for one decade!

  7. Auctioneer Says:

    This news is pretty devastating… it’s been in the backs of our minds for a while now that this could be their last album together, and the fact that they’re no going to be touring only heightens my suspicions.

    Well, not bad for no tour, I guess. tongue And R.E.M. tend not to hide things up their sleeves – they prefer to wear them. big grin

  8. Linda Says:

    I sure hope this is not the end! That would be devastating.

  9. Linda Says:

    By The way….from remhq

    01. 21. 11
    BBC Radio 2′s Ken Bruce Show will play the world exclusive of Überlin on Monday, January 24th between the hours of 9:00AM and Noon. Listeners should tune into the Ken Bruce Show here.

    Irish listeners can catch Überlin on the Colm Hayes Show Monday just after midday.

  10. Auctioneer Says:

    Hopefully my phone can pick up Radio 2. Provided I can sneak a headphone into my ear undetected, I may just be able to get away with listening to it in class… happy

  11. Ivana Says:

    Ooooh I love Uberlin!!! thumbs up

  12. Remmo Says:

    I really love this song…. I think is the best song “Post Bill Berry”.

  13. Ivana Says:

    Ditto! And I love the fact that Mike Mills sings his ass off in all the songs from CIN that we’ve heard so far! His harmonies are such an important part of R.E.M. best work.

  14. Auctioneer Says:

    “I am flying on a star, a star, a star…”

    Beautiful. Just beautiful. I am REALLY looking forward to this album now!!!

  15. Remmo Says:

    “I will make it through the day and then the day becomes a night…I will make it through the night…” Love It!!!!

  16. arek Says:

    This is really great REM song, the best of 5 that we now know. Yes, the best post-berry song I agree.

  17. Dol Says:

    Simply wonderful! Finally, they used their secret weapon big grin

  18. Linda Says:

    Damn!!!!!Too late….I missed it!

  19. Auctioneer Says:

    Panic not, Linda! I have the audio, I’ll find some way of re-uploading it to you.

    Was listening to it all last night on my iPod – there’s something strange and oddly moving about that song that I just can’t seem to pin down…

    Yours truly,

  20. Ivana Says:

    Linda, check your email. winking

  21. Kirsten Says:

    OH NO. NO TOUR. This can’t be true. I’m too shocked for words. Been sick since Friday night, and the first thing I read when back is this?
    I’m gonna retreat back in my bed now and die…

    BTW, Überlin is simply über-great.
    See also here:
    or here

  22. Linda Says:

    Thanks all…..I LOVE the song. Mike sounds so greathappyIt had me from the first listen.Love the lyrics, the vocals, the melodies…delightful and uplifting. This is R.E.M. at their best, in my opinion.

  23. Ivana Says:

    Ditto Linda! I mean, this song IS “R.E.M. By The Book”, and thank God for that! Whenever R.E.M. tried to sound like someone else, for example like Radiohead or Coldplay, they failed. They should stick to what they do best, and I’d say that Collapse Into Now is a step in the right direction.

  24. Ivana Says:

    Oh Kirsten, I’ve just approved your comment, sometimes my spam protection plugin rejects comments that contain several links. Hang in there dear!

  25. Auctioneer Says:

    Hope you get better soon, Kirsten. happy But this news sure isn’t going to help you feel better…

    We still have 60% of this album left to hear. Just think of what could be waiting for us in March! Fingers crossed.

  26. Linda Says:

    Hi Kirste….you have been studying too hard and sleeping too little. Get well soon happy

  27. Linda Says:

    Just finished watching the lyric video. Really clever. It makes me feel like I am following the character through the streets of Berlin. The little circles along the “route” remind me of transit maps. So folks, I am officially singing all of the new tunes throughout the day ( even “Mine Smell Like Honey” Ivana laughing I can’t wait for the rest of the songs. I know where Peter Buck is coming from when he says this feels like a return to form. THANK GOODNESS. I agree with you Ivana. When they stop trying to be someone else, they are brilliant! I am so delighted to hear what Jacknife says about Michael’s lyrics. If Michael is putting so much energy and thought into those, it means to me that he is still fully engaged in the music, and his side journeys into art have not taken him away from us. Add to all of this, our lovely Mike singing his heart out..YUMMY. I must give kudos to J.L for making Millsy’s vocals mor prominent in the mix. YEAH!!!!!!!

  28. Dol Says:

    It seems that Mike has done a nice photo session…



  29. Ivana Says:

    Funny! thumbs up I’m adding this to our press archive right now – thanks love!

  30. Dol Says:

    You know, it’s always a pleasure winking

  31. Kirsten Says:

    Thanks so much for your get-well wishes!!!
    I’m feeling okay again – well, apart from those suicidal thoughts because of all the “great” news lately… worried
    My bad feelings are pretty much reflected in my comment on the new Mike interview…

  32. Wing Armchairs Says:

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