14 January 2011

Mine Smell Like Honey

It happened today, hooray hooray… Warner Bros. have streamed the first official single from R.E.M.’s upcoming fifteenth album Collapse Into Now. The song’s called “Mine Smell Like Honey”, and I hope I won’t sound too grouchy if I say that the title is the most interesting thing about this song… Honestly, it is a bit too generic for my liking, I would have preferred “Discoverer” or “It Happened Today” as the first single. I mean, everyone involved with the album has been saying that it is very diverse, so why choose a lead single that sounds like a throwaway outtake from Accelerate?! i dont know Obviously it is Warner’s decision, but I sincerely hope that they do not expect this single to make any sort of chart impact or to get significant radio play, because if they do, I’m afraid they’re set for a crude awakening…

Anyway, embedding is disabled at the moment, but you can hear the song here. Please tell me that I’m wrong, tell me that I’m having a bad day and panicking for no reason. worried

UPDATE: Heh, Warner Bros. have removed the original Youtube clip, but someone was quick enough to grab the audio and repost the song. Here it is:

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40 Responses to “Mine Smell Like Honey”

  1. arek Says:

    you are not wrong and we all have a bad day now. This is the worst REM song in years. The worst in their career. Even Shiny Happy People was better. Trully!!!
    I really do love this band, but this is crap!

  2. Ivana Says:

    Thanks Arek, good to know that my brain still interprets correctly what my ears hear. Why, oh why…

  3. arek Says:

    the only interesting moment in this song is “the bridge” and the inmstruments there. The whole rest is really bad, I’m affraid. Have a good day Ivana, greetings from Poland. PS: some REM fans here that I know, feel the same thing, this is not good REM song.

  4. Ivana Says:

    If you look back at all R.E.M.’s successful singles, they were either really interesting and original, or very catchy, or both. This song is neither, it’s just not memorable enough. Especially nowadays, when charts are absolutely dominated with hip-hop, dance, bubblegum pop and country, one has to come up with a really infectious rock song in order to make any sort of impact.

  5. CIN Says:

    I think that of the four songs revealed of Collapse into Now, this is the most direct and the one that has more “commercial impact”, but my favorite is always “It Happened Today”.

    However, from where it came out this web site? http://www.remfan.it/, it seems very interesting, even if it is in Beta.

  6. Ivana Says:

    Oh I think they just grabbed the audio from the original WB Youtube clip, it sounds pretty much the same.

  7. Auctioneer Says:

    Well, it’s okay… not a stand-out song though, by any means. Do I hear little touches of “Reveal” in there in the way the vocals are produced? The chorus is pretty good, but the verses lack any emotion, and as for the “mine smell like honey… uh” bit, that just sounds… off. sad

    Why R.E.M. thought that this song was better than “It Happened Today” to choose as a single I have no idea. Well, we still have the rest of the album to hear – perhaps there’ll be a future fan favourite still to be revealed?

    Yours truly,

  8. Ivana Says:

    Yeah you do hear Reveal-isms, but at least back in 2001 Stipe’s voice wasn’t as hoarse as it is today.

  9. Rick Southern Says:

    Oh dear!(( What has happened to the band I love so dearly?
    Stipe sounds like a 70 year old warbler on this piece of ****
    I hope that they payed Jacknife lee with Monopoly money? It’s all he deserves for this awful production..

  10. Kirsten Says:

    Hehe, Michael’s voice gets hoarser and huskier with the years cause of his smoking big grin

    Hmm, I like the song, actually. For now, I like the other three ones better, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like this one winking
    At the very start I thought “Umm, hope this gets better”, but as the chorus set in, from “Dig a hole, dig it deeper, deeper!” on, it gets quite catchy. I’ve liked this part since I first heard it on the CIN trailer.
    However, I also think that if it wouldn’t be for the guitars, this would sound more like a trivial and unimpressive pop song, but as it is, I don’t think it does.

  11. Linda Says:

    First listen….not impressed. Second listen……a wee bit better.Hope grows ( a tiny bit). Harmonies are beautiful( as always). Where is my Michael’s beautiful voice????????Too many cigarettes or a song written in a register too low to showcase it? It just seems too blah…….

    I don’t listen to top 40 radio, but know that the likes of Britney, Beyonce, Bieber et al are dominating the charts. Even if this piece turns out to really grow on us, I am not sure the college kids of today, who have been brought up on that kind of “dreck” would listen to it, SADsad But the boys haven’t nailed it with this one, in my opinion. I miss the creativity of songs like “Tongue” and the hard hitting rock of Man-Sized Wreath.”

  12. Auctioneer Says:

    I like Rick’s comment about “Monopoly money”, and I also agree – the production leaves a lot to be desired. As does Michael’s vocals… I hadn’t realised he was a smoker, but now it seems really obvious!

    I do hope this charts well, though, in order to defy the Bieber-culture that has swept the land of late. Even if they missed the target with this single, I’d still be happy if they beat the likes of “Tinie Tempah”. I mean, who’s even heard of that guy before? Does anybody know if he’s actually released any songs!?!

  13. Ivana Says:

    Maybe Michael’s declining voice is the reason why they’re reluctant to tour?

    As for Tinie Tempah, have you guys seen the list of nominees for this year’s Brit Awards? Take That, Cheryl (Chavryl) Cole, and yes, Tinie… I’m truly appalled.

  14. Kirsten Says:

    Erm, Tinie WHO?
    From what I’ve read here it seems not a bad thing that I haven’t heard of this bloke whistling – or is it a girl? big grin
    Nope, googled it, it’s a dude batting eyelashes

    Hmm, Michael has had some bad voice periods before and yet they toured or gave concerts, so I don’t think that this would affect them to such a degree as to decide against touring… nail biting

  15. Ivana Says:

    Ditto Kirsten! nail biting i dont want to see praying puppy dog eyes
    Please Michael, do tour! We the crowd will do the singing bit, all you have to do is show up and do the shimmy!

  16. Kirsten Says:

    Haha, yeah, we’ll sing along and fill in for ya, Michael! cow dancing
    - And not only for LEO-NARD BERN-STEIN! big grin rock on

  17. arek Says:

    Hi guys, I’ve just realised that this is the US single. Maybe they’ll chose something else for Europe to promote?
    And yeah, Stipe is heavy smoker. His voice is really bad, sharp and hoarse since Around the Sun. there isn’t somebody to tell him to stop? Peter, or Mike or someone else?

  18. Dol Says:

    Ok, here I am. This is my first R.E.M. song from CiN because I choose to not listen anything until the 8th of march.
    I like this song. I really like it and it grows on me every time. It’s perfect for the radio, it’s happy, fast and catchy (and, last but not least, easy to sing for a non-english mothertongue).
    So, if you tell me that the other songs are much more better, I’m the most happy person on this planet big grin
    This guys have the power to put a big smile on my face every time they throw out something…

    And now, we all need a tour really soon… but The Baseball Project would not agree with this.

  19. Ivana Says:

    Arek, we can only hope for a different treat for Europe.

    Dol, this is what I needed to hear now! big hug Maybe this song will grow on me. But, you haven’t heard “It Happened Today” yet?! OMG you MUST hear it!! Harmonies are just… divine.

  20. Auctioneer Says:

    “Divine” is the right word, Ivana!

    This song might be received a bit better live. The jolly poppy sound of the verse sections would work well with an audience, I think. I realise jumping up and down isn’t really an R.E.M. fan thing to do, but I’d still be excited if this or any of the other released songs came on. big grin

    Yours truly,

  21. Dol Says:

    I know that all the harmonies are DIVINE, and we all here know why tongue

    Sometimes is really hard, but I keep my vow intact. I want to hear the album in its entirely in one dark room in the night. That’s my ritual.

    This catchy song won’t go away from my head, especially the simple piano part…

  22. Elena Says:

    Greetings, everybody! Well, my initial impression is that the chorus is catchy, the verse is a bit blah but then who cares – to me, this song is really refresfrhing compared to the music that you hear constantly on VH1 (Rihanna etc.). So, it receives thumbs up from me happy

  23. Elena Says:

    I meant ‘refreshing’ big grin

  24. Linda Says:

    Okay…..still listening. It’s DEFINITELY growing on me. Funny how that often happens with R.E.M songs and me. Often songs I have dismissed at first listening, have become my singalong faves. Not sure if this will be one, but I do think it has potential. I agree with you, Auctioneer, that this will probably play well live. PLEASE GUYS>>>>TOUR?????I am probably the only person on this site to have never been able to see the guys live. I promise I will fly wherever I can get a ticket!!!!!!!!

  25. Auctioneer Says:

    Linda, you are not alone – I’ve never seen R.E.M. live, as much as I want to. And due to the band’s advancing age, it’s becoming less and less likely… this is why we NEED a tour!

    R.E.M. songs have a tendency to grow on people. For example, I used to absolutely LOATHE “Auctioneer” from Fables – and then suddenly, about a month later, I loved it. It was the oddest transition ever!

    If the band decide to make a video other than a lyric one, this should receive some well-needed airplay from music channels, as well as providing us with a video that isn’t really dull. happy

  26. arek Says:

    I’ve never seen REM live too, but they’ve been Poland 2003, but I wasn’t able to see them.
    I’ve never liked Imitation of Life from Reveal, now I love it. Maybe it will be the same with Mine Smell, we’ll see.

  27. Linda Says:

    Well, I don’t feel so alone after all! Now that my kids are all grown and independent, I finally have the opportunity to go to a concert, so my fingers are crossed( and my toes, and my eyes………winkinglol. I understand that they were as dynamic as ever on their Accelerate Tour,( with the exception of Michael keeping his clothes on).

  28. Ivana Says:

    Lots of people missed the 2008 tour because it was in the midst of the infamous credit crunch, and tickets (including booking fees etc.) were too expensive. I mean, it’s okay if it’s one person only, but if there are several family members who want to go, and you include tix prices + transport + accomodation + other expenses, it’s just too much.

  29. Linda Says:

    I know what you mean Ivana, and R.E.M. tend to keep their tickets more reasonably priced than many other bands. As to the production complaints that many people are complaining about( I am NOT a U2 fan AT ALL), and it seems that Jacknife Lee is carrying too much U2 baggage into the studio. Is Scott Litt still around???Maybe the boys should do another album with him!

  30. Ivana Says:

    Scott Litt is the second most mourned former R.E.M. ally, after Bill Berry. Though I wouldn’t mind if they brought back the spectacular Easter/Dixon double act either.

  31. arek Says:

    Girls you are damned right. Scott Litt was the best. But i’m not really sure that bringing him back would be good idea, because of the years that passed since Hi-Fi. and the same with Dixon/Easter. But what do you think about Rick Rubin??? REM are not having good producer since the last 15 years, I think.

  32. Linda Says:

    I don’t know Rick Rubin, arek. I remember The boys saying that Scott understood the way they worked and stepped in when he needed to bring them back and ground them.

    Dixon/Easter…..excellent choice as well, Ivana. There is nothing wrong with going BACK to work with a producer with whom you have had great experiences. In this case, I think going back would be the best move. I have a feeling it would rekindle their love of what they are doing. I would love to go back to the intimate sound of those albums, rather than the “anthemic” sound J.L is trying to create. How can we convince them?…LOL

  33. Ivana Says:

    Rick Rubin is great, he’s worked with everyone from Beastie Boys to Metallica to Shakira! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rick_Rubin_production_discography But I’m not sure he’d be a good choice for R.E.M. – he wouldn’t tolerate Stipe’s infamous procrastinating! laughing

  34. Ophelia Says:

    I actually really like this one, Ivana. It’s grown on me after a few listens.

  35. Linda Says:

    To Mike:

    Dear Mike,

    We all love your background vocals, and musically, we feel you do not always receive the recognition and credit that you so richly deserve. Since I personally feel that you are the musical genius behind the tunes, will you please do a couple of things for us. Please continue to play awesome, intricate bass lines. Please continue to write and perform unexpected and creative background vocals. Please sing a lead now and then so that we can all hear that beautiful voice.If you have any influence on Michael, will you please forbid the use of reverb and techniques that hide his true voice. Finally, PLEASE convince the guys to tour this album. Your true and loyal fans are dying to see you live, and rocking the new tunes and those Nudie Suits once again!

    Love Linda and the Mike Mills Tribute Group, along with thousands of others happy.

  36. arek Says:

    Please Mike do tour with the band! if not, please, convince the guys to record next album really fast to release it in 2012!!!

  37. Diane Says:

    I had trouble getting past the name of the song. LSUG on Sirius has it as the coolest song in the world, so if it’s the coolest song in the world, imagine how much better the rest of the songs are!

  38. Ivana Says:

    Right so Diane! As you can see in my newest blog post, I’m eating my own words. happy

  39. Kirsten Says:

    I liked it right from the start (okay, I admit, it was only the chorus I liked like directly, straight, right from the start, but then…winking big grin big grin big grin

    I think I even remember reading somewhere that someone said it would be in the style of “Bad Day”, which was exactly what song I was reminded of quite immediately after having listened to Mine Smell Like Honey 2 or 3 times.
    Okay, Bad Day can hardly be topped (one of my absolute favorites in that style-category), but yeah big grin

  40. Linda Says:

    Looking at my previous posts, I was listening to MSLH and it was growing on me…..well, I LOVE it now. Loved the live in studio video, especially where Michael and Mike are back and forth on the “Huh, Huh, Huh, Huh Honey, and Stipey grins at Mike( you can tell from the camera direction and studio set up). That moment alone speaks to me of the fact they are back in sync and having FUNthumbs up .Makes me think there is going to be more to comebig grin

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