Exactly a year ago Elena and I launched this website, a tribute to R.E.M.’s “secret weapon”, the phenomenal multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter Michael Edward Mills! Our idea was to showcase the many sides of his talent, and to celebrate his (and his band’s) legacy. Hope we’ve fulfilled this goal, and we’re really glad that this [...]

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Now, this is what Elena and I call a cool birthday present! Warner Bros has just sent a press release and R.E.M. are set to premiere a brand new video for their new U.S. single “Mine Smell Like Honey” on 31 January 2011 – which happens to be our birthday, and also the first anniversary [...]

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28 January 2011

Oh My Ticky Ticker!

Aaaaaah! This is what we’ll be deprived of this summer! Messrs Michael Stipe, Peter Buck, Mike Mills, and of course Scott McCaughey and Bill Rieflin, performing live! Here’s a video of R.E.M. performing the song “Oh My Heart” off their latest album Collapse Into Now, courtesy of Stereogum. Love Scott’s accordion! And Mike looks… meow! [...]

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Many thanks to Dol for letting us know about this new Mike Mills interview! He spoke with Rick McLaughlin with I Heart Radio, and described the process of recording R.E.M.’s fifteenth album Collapse Into Now. He also discussed the band’s plans for the future – looks like at the moment they haven’t got any, except [...]

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21 January 2011

Not To Tour, apparently – UPDATE No. 2!

UPDATE 2: In case you haven’t heard “Uberlin” yet, you can now watch a brand new lyrics video, courtesy of Huffington Post! And here’s what the producer Jacknife Lee had to say about “Uberlin”: “I love this song. There’s a melancholy in it that only R.E.M. (can) articulate. The demo of the song was very [...]

I have promised to keep you updated with (potential) tour news. Alas, no official confirmation whether R.E.M. intend to tour in support of their latest album Collapse Into Now yet; however, this little snippet is probably gonna launch a landslide of speculation. I’ve scanned this page from the latest issue of NME (15 January 2011). [...]

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14 January 2011

Mine Smell Like Honey

It happened today, hooray hooray… Warner Bros. have streamed the first official single from R.E.M.’s upcoming fifteenth album Collapse Into Now. The song’s called “Mine Smell Like Honey”, and I hope I won’t sound too grouchy if I say that the title is the most interesting thing about this song… Honestly, it is a bit [...]

We have all been wondering whether R.E.M. will tour to promote their latest outing Collapse Into Now, due out in March 2011. So far, no signs of tour schedule; however, my friend Adrian has found this encouraging Peter Buck tidbit. Namely, TourDates reports the following: The album features guest appearances from electro pop singer Peaches, [...]