20 December 2010

It Happened Today! – UPDATE #2

I’m sure you have all already downloaded “Discoverer” from R.E.M.’s upcoming album Collapse Into Now via their official website. And today, several blogs are previewing another song, “It Happened Today”: this song, which is expected to be the first single, features Pearl Jam’s frontman Eddie Vedder. However, it’s not a duet between Michael Stipe and Eddie, but more like a group singalong. You can listen to this song at De Ozonlaag. Judging by “Discoverer” and “It Happened Today” the new album DOES sound like old R.E.M., circa Document/Green/Out Of Time. thumbs up

Also, No Depression features another report from Mike Mills & Co.’s recent Big Star Third tribute gig, courtesy of Hal Bogert; and you will find dozens of Ash Crowe’s gorgeous photos starting from here.

UPDATE: Spoiler alert! R.E.M. have released a trailer for the upcoming album, with several song snippets. Even better, some people who have had the opportunity to hear the entire album, have provided additional information about the tracks that did not make it into the trailer. So, if you don’t mind being spoiled, listen to the teaser trailer and read Matthew Perpetua’s comments here.

UPDATE #2: iTunes has opened preorders for Collapse Into Now. The “deluxe” version of the album, with three bonus tracks (i.e. a total of 15 tracks), is now available for preorder from American iTunes store, and it costs $14.99. You’ll also get an instant download of the first single “It Happened Today”. Hopefully all international iTunes stores will follow the suite as soon as possible!

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