17 December 2010

Happy Birthday Mike!

It is 17 December, so it’s time to wish our favourite bassist, R.E.M.’s Michael Edward Mills a very

Please leave your messages for Mike in the comments below, and we will forward them to him!

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7 Responses to “Happy Birthday Mike!”

  1. Angela Says:

    Happy B-day Mike! Hope you have a great day happy Loadsa love and big hugs from Angela in Snowny Scotland happy

  2. Dol Says:

    Are you really forward them to him??? Ok, cough cough (anxiety):

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE! I can’t give you any gifts, but you have all my respect and gratitude. Without your music the world would be tasteless (and boring). I raise a glass of Barbera for you! Cheers

  3. Ophelia Says:

    Happy birthday, Sweets! We love you!

  4. Kay in KCMO Says:

    A very Happy Birthday to Mr. Mike! I’ll raise a glass of a very mediocre Bordeaux – ’06 Chateau Malbat – in your honor. While ’06 was a very good, albeit overlooked, year, the nice people of Chateau Malbat couldn’t quite make it happen. It’s all MerlotMerlotMerlot with not much else happening. Anyway, just remember…

    There is a time for us to wander
    When time is young and so are we
    The woods are greener over yonder
    The path is new the world is free

  5. Kirsten Says:

    I’m heartbroken that I wasn’t able to wish Mike a Happy Birthday in time because my internet connection went down for two days…
    But of course here come my wishes nonetheless. Well, it’s a Happy Belated Birthday wish then:

    To one of the greatest and nicest musicians of all time, whose music will never cease to touch me deep inside:

    From the bottom of my heart, I wish you all the best I can think of. All my love and gratefulness to you!!!

    (This comes from snowy South-West Germany)

  6. Ivana Says:

    It’s fine Kirsten, it’s not too late to post birthday/Xmas/New Year wishes for Mike yet! Elena and I are preparing a small present for him, so we’ll mail everything together. happy

  7. Magnus (from Denmark) Says:

    Oh no! I didn’t knew he had birthday the 17th of December… I know it’s a little too late, but happy birthday.. for almost 2 weeks ago. I’m so sorry, Mills.. sad

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