UPDATE: Here’s another song from R.E.M.’s upcoming album Collapse Into Now. This track, “Oh My Heart”, is another R.E.M. song in 6/8, so it follows in the footsteps of songs like “Everybody Hurts”, “Try Not To Breathe”, “Strange Currencies”, “Daysleeper”, or the more recent “Houston”. Please continue to discuss the album in the comments below. [...]

20 December 2010

It Happened Today! – UPDATE #2

I’m sure you have all already downloaded “Discoverer” from R.E.M.’s upcoming album Collapse Into Now via their official website. And today, several blogs are previewing another song, “It Happened Today”: this song, which is expected to be the first single, features Pearl Jam’s frontman Eddie Vedder. However, it’s not a duet between Michael Stipe and [...]

17 December 2010

Happy Birthday Mike!

It is 17 December, so it’s time to wish our favourite bassist, R.E.M.’s Michael Edward Mills a very Please leave your messages for Mike in the comments below, and we will forward them to him!

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12 December 2010

Big Star Third: Mark’s Review and Photos!

Many thanks to my friend Mark Rockwell, the author of the fabulous Reveal Tribute, for sending his report and gorgeous photos from the second night of the Big Star shows in North Carolina! Yes, Mark was one of the lucky folks who attended the special performance of Big Star’s album Third/Sister Lovers in original orchestral [...]

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11 December 2010

Christmas Gripping

Phew, I’m gone for a few days (went to London to discuss some job prospects), and upon return there’s a huge load of R.E.M. and Mike Mills news waiting to be posted! Oh well I ain’t complainin’. First of all, R.E.M. have released their latest Christmas fanclub single. As usual, Michael Stipe is not involved, [...]

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It’s that time of the year when music magazines are publishing their lists of the year’s best releases, so I was happy to discover that the special 2-disc anniversary edition of R.E.M.’s third full-lenght album Fables of the Reconstruction made it onto UNCUT’s list of 30 Best Reissues, Compilations and Boxsets of the year 2010. [...]

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