This one goes out to Charky, but also to all Mike Mills-cum-R.E.M. fans out there. As all of you who read this blog already know, Mike wrote the song “Gift Of The Fathers” in honour of the baseball legend Roberto Clemente and premiered live in December 2007 at the FMC Hope For Home fundraiser show. In the summer of 2009, Mike performed this song with The Baseball Project, when he was pinch-hitting for Peter Buck at La Lunera Festival in Spain. Meanwhile, Howard Libov (who directed the music video for R.E.M.’s 1984 single “So. Central Rain” off Reckoning) selected the song for the soundtrack of his 2008 feature film Favorite Son. The film shared the destiny of many independent flicks: although it was screened at several festivals and garnered critical praise (and even a few awards), it was not picked up for cinematic release… (No special effects, no Megan Fox, duh). Fortunately, a few months ago it was released on DVD and, naturally, I immediately ordered it from Amazon. I was really pleasantly surprised with this film, it is very powerful and gripping, with superb performances by the entire cast (and lots of baseball).

Anyway, I have extracted Mike’s song, which plays over the closing credits. It is preceded by a piano instrumental also penned by ours truly, but I didn’t want to post that scene because it would be a huge spoiler for those of you who haven’t seen the film yet. Compared to the version performed by The Baseball Project, this studio version of “Gift Of The Fathers” sounds pretty much the same, except that it is truncated at the end. Since the Favorite Son soundtrack has not been released yet, I hope I won’t get in too much trouble for posting this; however if I receive a request to remove the clip, I will have to obey.


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6 Responses to “Mike Mills “Gift Of The Fathers” – Studio Version”

  1. charky Says:

    I am speechless! check your murmurs PM’s.

  2. Dol Says:

    I love this song and I hope to find it in the next christmas pack. MIKE DOES THAT GIFT!


  3. Ivana Says:

    My pleasure! And yeah, I was thinking the same Dol, the song might be a part of the xmas pack this year, or maybe they’ll release it as a b-side of a single later… we’ll see!

    I tried to upload “Out in the Country” to Youtube, but I got a notification that the sound would be disabled in some countries because of copyright. straight face Should I upload it nevertheless, and then you guys will tell me whether you can hear the sound or not?!

    Oh and Charky, I’ve checked my Murmurs inbox but there’s nothing there. confused Tbh I haven’t gotten used to the new forum layout yet, I can’t find half of the things there. Why don’t you email me here:

  4. Ophelia Says:

    LOVE it!
    Is there freeware that will extract sound and make an MP3?

  5. Ivana Says:

    Of course dear! Lemme email you. winking

  6. Dol Says:

    The first notes of this song reminds me the intro of another song, “On the fly”. But it soon turns into another song(much better happy). Now I wonder if “On the fly” is a song written by Mike…

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