12 November 2010

R.E.M. Live From Austin TX – Reviews

I’ve just received my copy of R.E.M.’s latest offering, Live From Austin TX. As expected, it’s fantastic, and even better, we can hear all those great songs from Accelerate without the stupid fuzzy production. thumbs up Our hero Mike Mills is in top form, but the rest of the band are no slouches either. I have assembled here a few reviews of this DVD, so if you are stil debating with yourself whether to buy it, these might help you make a decision.

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Three decades ago, R.E.M. was considered a quaint collective of oddball musical eccentrics avoiding the trappings of New Wave, Heavy Metal, Hair Bands and standard pop to forge their own uniquely idiosyncratic soundscape. Twenty-nine years and fourteen albums later, the group shows no signs of slowing down or bowing to their legacy.

DVD Verdict

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With a stunning back catalogue they feel no need to labour the most obvious tracks. R.E.M. are perhaps one of the few bands of their generation who still retain their credibility and continue to write great songs. This DVD is testament to their ability to ‘buy the sky and sell the sky.’


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A performance which is both subtle and at times emotional, it is no wonder why R.E.M.’s career has spanned so many years. The delivery of more familiar tracks like ‘Drive’ reminds you of days gone by and the period when so many fabulous artists and records were released. Moving towards the likes of ‘So. Central Rain’ and ‘Hollow Man’, a different side to the band is exposed and they show their worth through quieter and more restrained tracks; using the voice of Stipe as the driving force.

Sonic Shocks

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If, like me, you thought Accelerate was a mostly successful return, you’ll want to have a copy to tide you over until Collapse Into Now gets released in 2011.

Blog Critics

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Also, here’s another rare old interview uploaded by our pal PeterBuckRocks – the two Michaels were briefly interviewed just after the Tibetan Freedom concert in 1998.

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