04 November 2010

All The Best!

As y’all know, R.E.M.’s fifteenth album Collapse Into Now won’t be released until Spring 2011, but looks like our hero Mike Mills has already stepped onto the publicity treadmill -yay! Here’s the latest feature from Rolling Stone – thanks Dol for the tip!

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When R.E.M. began recording Collapse Into Now last year they decided to throw out the guidelines they imposed on their last album, 2008′s Accelerate. “On the last one we tried to make everything focused, short, fast and sharp,” Mike Mills tells Rolling Stone. “We took most of the rules off this time, picking the best songs regardless of whether they were fast, slow or mid-tempo.”

The disc, which is due out early next year, reminds Mills of the band’s 1992 classic Automatic For The People. “The songs go from one type into another really easily and it all seems to fit as a piece,” Mills says. “It makes sense as a whole the same way that Automatic For The People did.”

Produced by Jacknife Lee, the disc was recorded over the past year at studios in Portland, New Orleans, Nashville and at Berlin’s legendary Hansa Tonstudio—where David Bowie and Iggy Pop recorded The Idiot and later where U2 cut Achtung Baby. “There’s so many, not exactly ghosts…but vibrations in there,” says Mills. “It’s as very, very vibey place.”

While in Berlin the band met up with longtime friend Patti Smith, who contributed vocals to the track “Blue.” “Patti totally changed the song and added a whole other dimension to it,” says Mills. “It was a powerful thing to watch.” Another track, “It Happens Today,” featured vocal contributions from Eddie Vedder.

The songs are also less political than the material on Accelerate. “It’s more of a personal record than a political one,” says Mills. “Current events do come into our mind when we write, but the themes here are more universal.”

Other songs include the piano ballad “Walk It Back,” a rocker called “All The Best” that features Mills and Michael Stipe sharing lead vocals and “Everyday Is Yours To Win”—which Mills describes as a “slow, beautiful song built around a guitar riff.”

Mills says the group didn’t always see eye-to-eye while recording the disc. “This one certainly has its share of difficulty—but I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing,” he says. “It just means you have creative tension, which is what happens when three strong-willed people manage to find a consensus.”

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Well, looks like I already know what my favourite song on Collapse Into Now will be. winking

*partial and proud*

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8 Responses to “All The Best!”

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  2. charky Says:

    I can’t afford the REM-fever to start so soon…Collapse into now probably won’t be out until march 15… I NEED SOME NEW MATERIAL NOW! (:

  3. Dol Says:

    Me too! The single will be out probably a month or so before the release date of the album. Maybe february? happy

  4. Ivana Says:

    I hope R.E.M. will start previewing their new material soon! With Accelerate, we practically knew the entire album before it was released… good times. happy

    On a completely unrelated note, last night I went to Chester to see this R.E.M. U.K. tribute band (formerly known as Stipe). Wow, they’re great – I sang my lungs out!

  5. Dol Says:

    I want to hold on and don’t listen anything (except the first single) until the album date release… if I can. And I can.

    I have heard about this tribute band. Lucky you!

  6. Ivana Says:

    They totally rock! Plus they play all the songs that the real R.E.M. refuse to play. happy

  7. Kay in KCMO Says:

    Dig the blond, bespectacled bassist in that video! For a sec. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, but only for a sec. happy

    I’m so looking forward to hearing Mike’s voice on lead, even if it’s co-lead. We’ll take what we can get.

  8. Ivana Says:

    Exactly Kay!

    As for the cool bassist, his name is Tony, and he really is a dead ringer for Mike, except that he’s much taller. cowboy

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