28 November 2010

Scans From Q Magazine

As promised, I’ve scanned the two-page feature from the latest issue of Q Magazine – apologies for the delay! Peter Buck and Mike Mills discuss R.E.M.’s upcoming 15th album Collapse Into Now and reveal what individual songs are all about. Click on the thumbnails below to view the high-res scans, which have also been added [...]

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I’ve just received the latest R.E.M. fanclub newsletter, and guess what – they’ve revealed the full tracklist for their upcoming fifteenth album Collapse Into Now, to be released in Spring 2011! Some song titles are really extravagant; can’t wait to hear what the actual songs sound like! Here’s the tracklist: 1. Discoverer 2. All The [...]

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This one goes out to Charky, but also to all Mike Mills-cum-R.E.M. fans out there. As all of you who read this blog already know, Mike wrote the song “Gift Of The Fathers” in honour of the baseball legend Roberto Clemente and premiered live in December 2007 at the FMC Hope For Home fundraiser show. [...]

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12 November 2010

R.E.M. Live From Austin TX – Reviews

I’ve just received my copy of R.E.M.’s latest offering, Live From Austin TX. As expected, it’s fantastic, and even better, we can hear all those great songs from Accelerate without the stupid fuzzy production. Our hero Mike Mills is in top form, but the rest of the band are no slouches either. I have assembled [...]

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07 November 2010

All The Way To Pop Song

It’s been a while since I last did some R.E.M. covers… alas, life was hectic. However, this draught has finally come to an end! Many thanks to my friend Joy for helping me make two new clips! Hope you’ll like them. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ All The Way To [...]

06 November 2010

Sister Lovers

A few weeks ago we informed you that Mike Mills would be performing Big Star’s wicked third album Sister Lovers, together with a host of friends, fellow Big Star addicts – among them R.E.M.’s legendary producer Mitch Easter, another North Carolina luminary Chris Stamey, and many others. Thanks to Mark for unearthing more info about [...]

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04 November 2010

All The Best!

As y’all know, R.E.M.’s fifteenth album Collapse Into Now won’t be released until Spring 2011, but looks like our hero Mike Mills has already stepped onto the publicity treadmill -yay! Here’s the latest feature from Rolling Stone – thanks Dol for the tip! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ When R.E.M. [...]

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03 November 2010

Mike Mills Spills The Beans!

Squeeeee!! I’m too excited to type right now, so I’ll just copy the entire feature from SPIN: ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ R.E.M. have finished their fifteenth studio album, called Collapse Into Now (due in early 2011) — so what can fans expect? According to multi-instrumentalist Mike Mills, a more [...]

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