05 July 2010

BBC 6Music Saved! – UPDATED

Woo-hoo! Forgive me for this post which is not strictly R.E.M. or Mike Mills related; however a few months ago R.E.M. was one of the first bands that expressed their discontent at the announcement that BBC’s 6Music – practically the only taxpayer-funded radio station in the U.K. that embraces the real talent, both old and new, and does not play commercial junk 24/7 – would be axed. The announcement caused a huge backlash, and for the past few months a host of musicians and music lovers (yours truly included) have been campaigning against the closure of BBC 6Music. Today, I’m proudly removing the “Save BBC 6Music” button from the right sidebar, because BBC Trust has rejected the plan to close the station. thumbs up Phew, that’s one huuuuge mission accomplished; and it again demonstrates that public opinion does matter, and any kind of activism eventually pays off.

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UPDATE: Kudos to my friend Mark who has just launched his Reveal tribute fansite. In Mark’s own words, he realises that he is in the minority when he names Reveal as his favourite R.E.M. album, so he has decided to put together published album reviews, interviews with bandmembers, video links and other goodies, hoping to encourage fans to maybe revisit this record.

Says Mark: “I hope it will cause at least a few folks to give Reveal another shot. Preferably on a warm summer day or evening. It works.” applause

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7 Responses to “BBC 6Music Saved! – UPDATED”

  1. Mark Says:

    Thanks Ivana! winking

  2. Ivana Says:

    No problem mate! Right now I’m playing She Just Wants To Be, full blast!!

  3. Elena Says:

    My personal fav is I’ve Been High love struck

  4. Elena Says:

    oooops I didn’t mean to have a laughing smiley, I meant to say that I really really love the song – Ivana, can you please fix this, s’il te plait? thx

  5. Ivana Says:

    Fixed. happy Should I disable this plugin? Or maybe add an explanation how to handle emoticons, add photos to comments, etc?

  6. dsanchezlared Says:

    I don’t like Reveal so much, but All The Way To Reno and She Just Wants To Be are good songs.

  7. Ivana Says:

    Which reminds me David, I really need to send you that Rock In Rio DVD! They premiered “The Lifting” and “She Just Wants To Be” there, in arrangements totally different from what would end up on Reveal.
    Sorry for the delay buddy. worried

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