Question: What happens when you put two chirpy, chatty Sagittarians on a cruise ship and confront them with a bunch of journalists?
Answer: Mayhem?!

Well, almost! As y’all know, back in the 1980s, the camera-shy Michael Stipe and Bill Berry avoided the journalists whenever they could, and as a result, Peter Buck and Mike Mills had to handle a majority of R.E.M.’s promotional duties – interviews, press conferences, radio and TV appearances etc. In April 1987, when Peter and Mike were sent to Canada to promote their latest offering Document, someone had an idea that maybe the promotional chores would be a bit less dull if they were doing them on a boat. Luckily for us all, not only were the Canadian TV crew there to film them, but the Youtube user dvdguy2011 has unearthed and uploaded these rare clips. So… *drumroll* All hail Pete & Mikey double act in top form! Enjoy the clips, and btw I have embedded more Documentaries and 2008 Interviews and refreshed our Spotlight with some recently uploaded clips.

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“Cruising With R.E.M.” – Canadian TV 4 – Part 1

“Cruising With R.E.M.” – Canadian TV 4 – Part 2

“The New Music: R.E.M.” – Canadian TV Profile

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5 Responses to “Mike Mills And Peter Buck, The Merry Sailors”

  1. Ivana Says:

    I love these old clips. You can’t fake body language – they were really, really good friends.

  2. Dol Says:

    So young and so… talkative! The old good days.

  3. Kay in KCMO Says:

    That was so much of its time; I love things like this.

  4. Elena Says:

    And Stipe is hilarious too!

  5. Ivana Says:

    He is indeed, but you can tell that he is acting, that his little presentation is 100% staged. On the other hand, Peter and Mike are totally spontaneous. (They’d be rubbish thesps anyway)

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