The creepy/cryptic title of this post will start to make sense as soon as you’ve read the latest additions to our Press Archive. But before that, many thanks to Dol who has informed us that the acclaimed Athens band Widespread Panic has announced the release of their two-disc/three-vinyl set Live In The Classic City II [...]

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26 July 2010

From Paris, With Love (UPDATED)

Hello everyone! I’ve just returned from a short holiday, and what a great piece of news to return home to! Namely, the uber-awesome Ken Stringfellow has updated his blog, and one could say that he and his buddy Mike Mills spent a very, ahem, constructive week in Paris together! I’m not gonna retell the story, [...]

It’s the end of another warm sunny lazy indulgent day here, but instead of “wasting time, sitting still” I’ve been updating this website. To be precise, I have just retyped and added two new/old articles to our ever-expanding Press Archive. The first up is a very funny and informative 1984 biography-cum-interviews feature from Bucketful of [...]

16 July 2010

Antenna Needs Your Help!

As you may remember, two months ago we informed you that a documentary film would be made about the legendary Memphis club Antenna, and that Mike Mills was one of the musicians interviewed for the project by Laura Jean Hocking. Now, the good news is that the project is shaping up nicely, and the director [...]

Hello everyone! I’ve just returned from London, and as you may imagine, the first ever Tired Pony gig, staged to celebrate the release of their debut album The Place We Ran From, was a hugely successful happening. The beautiful HMV Forum in London was packed; I must admit that a majority of people in the [...]

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13 July 2010

New R.E.M. Album In Spring 2011?

REMHQ reports that the band has practically finished recording their fifteenth studio album and will set about mixing it after the summer break. Of course the word “break” should not be understood literally, because Peter Buck is already busy promoting the new Tired Pony record The Place We Ran From, then a few weeks later [...]

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Dear friends, here’s something to keep you entertained while I’m busy scanning more stuff from my archive. First of all, Ken Stringfellow has kindly agreed to share some insider information on making of R.E.M.’s 12th album Reveal for my friend Mark Rockwell’s Reveal Tribute website. As those of you who read Ken’s blog already know, [...]

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A few days ago the members of R.E.M. took a break from recording their 15th album to perform with their friend and muse Patti Smith in Berlin. Many thanks to the lovely Karin who has sent a detailed report from the gig. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Patti Smith – [...]

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07 July 2010

Berlin Update… And More

It’s good to know that R.E.M. are not only working hard in Berlin, trying to finish their eagerly awaited 15th album, but also having fun and supporting their friends who happen to play gigs in the city. Last week Peter Buck and Scott McCaughey performed with Pearl Jam at Wuldeheide Park, and on Monday, the [...]

05 July 2010

BBC 6Music Saved! – UPDATED

Woo-hoo! Forgive me for this post which is not strictly R.E.M. or Mike Mills related; however a few months ago R.E.M. was one of the first bands that expressed their discontent at the announcement that BBC’s 6Music – practically the only taxpayer-funded radio station in the U.K. that embraces the real talent, both old and [...]