REMHQ reports that The Baseball Project and Minus 5 have announced two shows this August:

Thursday, 12 August 2010 in Brooklyn, NY at Southpaw
Saturday, 14 August 2010 in North Adams, MA at the Solid Sound Festival

The lineup for these shows will be Scott McCaughey, Steve Wynn, Linda Pitmon and Mike Mills, who will be pinch-hitting for Peter Buck – as he did last year, when these two bands performed in Spain.

You can download new Baseball Project tracks here.

Speaking of Peter’s and Scott’s numerous side projects, one of the two Tired Pony shows, scheduled for 14 July 2010 at London HMV Forum, has been cancelled. The early show (7pm) will take place as previously announced, but the late show (11pm) was scratched. Now, the reason why I’m mentioning this is because the tickets for the cancelled late show will be valid for the early show, which means that now I have an extra ticket, and I’d be happy to give it away. So, if you happen to live somewhere near London, and would like to see Messrs. Buck and McCaughey in action, just e-mail me!

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14 Responses to “Mike Mills (Re)joins The Baseball Project & Minus 5 For Summer Gigs”

  1. Ivana Says:

    Do you guys read Steve Wynn’s blog? It’s hilarious:

  2. Dol Says:

    Yes, and Steve is a nice guy! We must do a petition for “The baseball project european tour”

  3. Ivana Says:

    Totally! Man, so many things we must petition for: Near Wild Heaven, the sousaphone big grin, the Baseball Project/Minus 5-Plus-1 in Europe… am I forgetting something?

  4. Dol Says:

    Yes, the return of the locks!!! tongue

  5. Elena Says:

    Don’t tell me that you bought tickets for two shows in a row! rolling on the floor

  6. Ivana Says:

    @ Elena: Natürlich!

    @ Dol: Ahhh, the locks.
    the locks

  7. Dol Says:

    AAAAhhhh Milano! Yeah, E-X-A-C-T-L-Y

  8. Kay in KCMO Says:

    LOL @ Dol! +1! He’s looking very, ahem, rock star-ish, isn’t he?

  9. Ivana Says:

    It’s the t-shirt – I mean, “Straight To Hell”, how much more rockstar could it be? laughing

    Oh and Kay I’ve asked my facebook pals about Michael’s 3 Sigma tee, but so far it’s still a mystery. I’ll let you know if someone comes up with a plausible explanation. happy

  10. Kay in KCMO Says:

    Ivana, that’s so sweet! You really didn’t need to trouble yourself; I just thought it was kind of cool, that’s all. Thank you!!

    Now, more about that pic: The shirt sets the tone, of course, but I think it’s more than just the t-shirt; it’s also the hair and the pose (the pose!!) and the fact that one sleeve is rolled up and we can see his little deltoid which we are normally not privy to. And did I mention the pose? Btw, what year is that pic?

  11. Ivana Says:

    The pleasure is mine Kay! Oh and the photo is a recent one, from their 2008 Accelerate Tour (taken at Civic Arena, Milan, Italy).

    Btw remember when we were wondering what high school Bill & Mike attended? Well someone was kind enough to add that info to their Wiki pages! They attended Mount de Sales Academy. Now all we need to do is get hold of those yearbooks. winking

  12. Kay in KCMO Says:

    I am all in favor of someone finding a yearbook. That would be terrific. happy Can you imagine a 16-year old Mike? The hair! The glasses!! The weak chin!!! And we musn’t forget the sousaphone!

  13. Ivana Says:

    Well I imagine that Mike aged 16 didn’t look much different from Mike aged 26 – I mean, he looked as a teenager throughout his twenties! Somehow that man seems immune to the ageing process… lucky punk.

  14. Dol Says:

    The t-shirt said: STRAIGHT TO HELL – Just like my momma said and he used it only during this gig (in Milan). And it was the first time that he show his arms big grin One of my fav concerts and definetly Mike at his top yep!

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