25 April 2010

Where’s Captain Mike? – UPDATED

No news today, so it’s time for some site updates. First of all, many thanks to Margaret Griffis who has kindly allowed us to add her photos taken at R.E.M.’s 1984 and 1985 Florida gigs to our Gallery here. Also, I have updated the 2008 Accelerate Tour gallery with more photos from the Umbria festival, [...]

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Finally some news from New Orleans! Although this is not a report from the recording studio where R.E.M. are currently making their fifteenth album, it is exciting nevertheless. Namely, according to Jambands, Mike Mills and Scott McCaughey are scheduled to perform with the local band Bonerama at New Orleans’ Tipitina’s French Quarter on 1 May. [...]

Looks like R.E.M. are REALLY busy in the recording studio, because they haven’t sent the promised report yet. But have no worries dear fans, because I have other Mike Mills goodies for you. First of all, it comes as no surprise that Mike, the self-confessed sports nut, attended this year’s Super Bowl; however I have [...]

19 April 2010

Mike Mills Interviews And Documentaries

No news from the New Orleans studio yet, so while we’re all waiting impatiently for the latest updates, I thought that we could keep ourselves entertained by watching some of the interviews that Mike Mills (with or without his R.E.M. bandmates Michael Stipe and Peter Buck) has given over the years, as well as some [...]

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17 April 2010

R.E.M. 1988 WEA Presentation

Guess what R.E.M. and Mike Mills fans, the band has just announced that sometime later tonight they will be posting a report from a recording studio in New Orleans, where they’re currently working on their 15th album. Meanwhile, the band has also shared information that the local organisation that they have supported for many years, [...]

15 April 2010

Major Gallery Update

Good evening my dear R.E.M. and Mike Mills fans and welcome to the Droolfest! The good news is that our Gallery has just been subjected to a major revamp; the bad news is that you’ll probably spend way too much time staring at the pics instead of doing something useful. First of all, I have [...]

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13 April 2010

R.E.M. Return To The Studio – UPDATED

At last! Messrs. Peter Buck, Mike Mills and Michael Stipe have just announced, via their official website that they have returned to the studio and resumed work on their next record with the producer Jacknife Lee and his team. Oh yeah! Hopefully they won’t keep us waiting for the next album for too long. To [...]

10 April 2010

Mike Mills, Straight From The Drawer

I have just updated our gallery of Mike Mills & R.E.M. photos from the 1980s with some lovely snaps taken by Paul Gallagher back in 1984, at the SFX Centre in Dublin, Ireland. The photos have been sitting in a drawer at his mum’s house since then, but he has recently unearthed the entire batch [...]

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While we are waiting for R.E.M. to get back in the studio and continue recording their landmark 15th album, I have updated our Press Archive with several interviews that Mike Mills has given over the years. I especially recommend this interview from 1996 (keyword: sex), as well as this one from 2005 (keyword: whisky), but [...]

While the rest of the world was celebrating R.E.M.’s 30th anniversary two days ago, for the three members of R.E.M. it was business as usual! According to Michael Stipe himself (via Ethan @ Murmurs.com), he was in New York, Peter Buck was on the road to Mexico, and Mike Mills was at the Atlanta Braves’ [...]