Thanks again to Dol for letting us know that the first photos of Mike Mills singing his heart out in Austin at the SXSW festival have surfaced online! The photos were taken by Shantel Mitchell: click on the thumbnail below to view them at her photostream, and I’ll be adding them to our gallery as soon as I obtain the permission.


The latest addition to our Spotlight is a video clip that I have put together in honour of Alex Chilton. The song is Chilton’s “Jesus Christ”, performed by Mike Mills with a little help of HEM’s Sally Ellyson. They recorded this Christmas single in 2006; all proceeds from the recording were donated to the Red Apple Foundation, a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the quality of life for children in the U.S. Hopefully I won’t get into copyright trouble, because the single was only available for a limited period of time and as of March 2010 it can’t be purchased anywhere. As all die-hard R.E.M. fans know, Mike also recorded this song for the band’s 2002 Christmas single, however the two versions are quite different — this one is in a lower key and the arrangement is more synth than guitar-oriented. As for the video, I have combined photos of Alex himself with some nice vintage photos of his biggest fan and faithful disciple Mike Mills. Obviously the clip is not gonna win me any awards for short feature, but I hope my fellow fans will enjoy it.

UPDATE: And the first reviews of the tribute show are now available online! Guess what, Mike Mills sang “Jesus Christ” – why am I not surprised? winking Anyway it was an amazing night by all accounts; read reports by Entertainment Weekly, Chicago Tribune, Spin, MTV, Star Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times.

UPDATE #2: And the photos from last night’s gig can now be seen on Flickr too, courtesy of Michelle Auer! Click on the thumbnail below to view the entire batch at her photostream.


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  1. dol Says:

    Lovely and touching video!

  2. Ivana Says:

    Thanks Dol! I’d make more videos with rare audio tracks, but I’m always wary of copyright issues. But this one should be okay.

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