30 March 2010

Mike Mills, For Your Eyes Only

I have finally found some time to work on the Gallery, which has now been reorganised into several sub-galleries, covering various decades of Mike Mills’s long career. Many thanks to Bruce, Amy, Daniele and Aaron who have kindly allowed me to upload their beautiful photos. A good number of these were taken at some rather [...]

29 March 2010

Mike Mills, The Catcher

The title of this post will start to make sense as soon as you’ve read the latest addition to our Press Archive! Namely I’ve just added a great interview that Abe Schear, a successful Atlanta-based lawyer and a huge baseball enthusiast, conducted with Mike Mills back in 2006. The interview was originally published in Baseball [...]

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28 March 2010

Murmur Out Loud

I wasn’t going to “out” myself as a music scholar just yet, but this is way too tempting. Yesterday on a train to Cambridge, I had the time to read recent issues of several journals, and one article irritated the hell out of me. The good side of the music scholarship of the past two [...]

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26 March 2010

Mike Mills: The Eagle (or whatever)

By popular demand – thanks to all Murmursians who voted! you guys rock! – this video has just been added to our Spotlight. For those of you who don’t follow Mike’s every step (shame on you!), here’s some info on the performance. The gig took place on 5 November 2002 at Music Midtown Festival in [...]

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25 March 2010

Mike Mills Photos Galore

Just a quick update today: I have added a new batch of Jutta’s gorgeous photos of Mike Mills with or without his R.E.M. bandmates from the third night of the band’s 2007 “live rehearsals”, as well as several new photos from the recently finished SXSW Music Festival in Austin, to our fabulous Gallery! As for [...]

Reports from Austin, where the SXSW festival has just wrapped, keep flooding. But first of all we should let you know that Mike Mills himself has talked about the experience of performing Alex Chilton’s songs “Jesus Christ” and “September Gurls” (encore) at the memorial gig in honour of the great artist. Mike said that It [...]

As you all already know, on Saturday night Mike Mills joined Big Star’s Jody Stephens, Jon Auer and Ken Stringfellow to perform the song “Jesus Christ” at the Alex Chilton tribute gig. Here’s the first – though unfortunately incomplete – video of Mike’s energetic performance of “Jesus Christ”, courtesy of NPR Music. Thanks Dol for [...]

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Thanks again to Dol for letting us know that the first photos of Mike Mills singing his heart out in Austin at the SXSW festival have surfaced online! The photos were taken by Shantel Mitchell: click on the thumbnail below to view them at her photostream, and I’ll be adding them to our gallery as [...]

20 March 2010

Mike Mills At SXSW – First Reports

Numerous reports from Austin TX, where the huge festival South by Southwest has just entered its final stage, have started to emerge online, and it looks like Mike Mills has already been in action! According to Billboard: “MC5 guitarist Wayne Kramer and some of his musical friends — including Tom Morello, Billy Bragg, R.E.M.’s Mike [...]

We can confirm now that Mike Mills will indeed perform on Saturday 27 March 2010 in Austin at the Alex Chilton Memorial Gig, hosted by the South By Southwest Music Festival. According to Billboard, Big Star’s Jody Stephens, Ken Stringfellow and Jon Auer will “house band” for Saturday night’s previously scheduled Big Star show at [...]